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Pop-up restaurant on March 9th with Le Ma'a Gourmand at Bounty Lodge

Gourmet Menu

Le Ma’a Gourmand creates a pop-up restaurant on Thursday, March 9, 2023 at a lodge with an exceptional setting in Arue, with very intimate tables scattered in four corners of the Bounty Lodge.

On Thursday, March 9, 2023
Lunch from 11:00am and dinner from 5:00pm onwards
The menu

A unique menu has been concocted for all gourmet lovers in search of a new experience.


Cream of squash soup, coconut foam, grilled chorizo brunoise and roasted pine nuts


Two sesame breaded tuna tataki, marinated for 24 hours in maracuja

Second Starter

Melting prawn panna cotta flambéed with aged rum, coconut milk, curry and spicy passion fruit jelly, green onion

Main Course

Rougail sausage in nori leaf and its venere rice with small vegetables


Revisited passion fruit tart, almond and hazelnut crumble with a cocoa cloud

A selection of coffee and tea will be offered to you to beautifully conclude this exceptional meal.

The Ma'a Gourmand in pictures

The Bounty Lodge in pictures

Our packages for unforgettable moments

Gourmet menu only
at 15,000 XPF per person

The same menu at 12,000 XPF per person
1 bungalow or suite at 24,000 XPF per night
for 2 to 4 people

Supplement of 7,000 XPF for the food and wine pairing selected by our sommelier

To inaugurate the beginning of this event, a cocktail will be served upon your arrival for guests who have chosen the food and wine pairing option.

A menu of cocktails, wines, champagnes, and spirits will be available on site.

Any special requests will be subject to a custom quote.

Full payment of the quote will be required to confirm the reservation.

Payments accepted by check, cash, and credit/debit cards for on-site consumption.

To reach the pop-up restaurant, two options are available:

Limited parking spaces directly at the lodge. First come, first served basis. Priority parking for guests staying overnight.

Alternatively, guests can park at the McDonald’s Arue and a shuttle will pick you up and bring you back at the desired time.

Your reservation




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    Your 6-course culinary meal.

    Le Ma’a Gourmand, renowned for his original culinary events, is creating a pop-up restaurant at the Bounty Lodge on Thursday, March 9th, 2023. This unique gourmet menu has been crafted for food lovers, offering an unprecedented dining experience for guests.

    The menu begins with a sumptuous amuse-bouche composed of a creamy pumpkin soup, with a light coconut espuma, and a contrast of flavors and textures brought by the grilled chorizo brunoise and roasted pine nuts.

    The entrée is a delicious sesame-crusted tataki of tuna, marinated for 24 hours in maracuja, a local exotic fruit. This dish is a perfect example of culinary fusion, marrying Japanese and Polynesian cooking techniques, as well as ingredients from both cultures.

    The second entrée is a succulent flambéed shrimp panna cotta with old rum, coconut milk, curry, and spicy passion fruit jelly, all garnished with green onions. This dish is a true tribute to Creole cuisine, a blend of flavors and spices that perfectly represents the cultural diversity of Polynesia.

    The main course is a rougail sausage in nori leaf, a traditional dish from Réunion that has been revisited by the Ma’a Gourmand chef. The rougail is accompanied by venere rice with small vegetables, which brings a perfect balance between flavors and textures.

    Finally, for dessert, guests can enjoy a passion fruit tart revisited with an almond and hazelnut crumble, accompanied by a cloud of cocoa. The passion fruit brings a touch of acidity that perfectly balances the sweetness of the crumble, while the cocoa cloud adds a touch of indulgence to the end of the meal.

    To top off this exceptional meal, a selection of coffees and teas will be offered to guests. The beverage choices have been carefully studied to complement the flavors of the gourmet menu and offer a complete taste experience.

    All of this is served in an exceptional setting, with intimate tables scattered throughout the lodge to offer an unforgettable culinary experience. This gourmet menu is a true tribute to Polynesian culture and gastronomy, with a touch of creativity and innovation that highlight the culinary talents of Le Ma’a Gourmand.