Tahiti the paradise of water sports lovers

French Polynesia is made up of 118 islands spread over millions of hectares of surface made up of water in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, offering a vast playground for lovers of the sea.

All the elements come together, be it the fire of the sun, the earth, the water, the wind, to create magical moments and offer unique sessions for each passion.

low angle shot of a person surfing and flying a parachute at the same time in kitesurfing


Treat yourself to unforgettable flysurf sessions A stone’s throw from the Bounty Lodge in the warm and sunny waters of the Tahiti lagoon, the Mahina spot offers a vast ultimate play area to heat up your kitesurf, the trade winds and the different combined swells always offer more beauty and different sessions.


The island of Tahiti offers many surf spots, the most internationally known of which is Teahupo’o, with its monstrous lip adored by the greatest international surfers. Not far from the Bounty Lodge, several surf spots are accessible to beginners and experts alike, from the reef waves surrounding Tahiti to the beach breaks of Papenoo, all surfers will find something there.

surfer on the ocean with the breathtaking sunset in the sky in the background
closeup of a green sea turtle swimming underwater in Tahiti


Tahiti and all of Polynesia are renowned for their exceptional seabed, nourished by warm, crystalline water offering unexpected discoveries with the species that inhabit it, from majestic humpback whales, to graceful sea turtles, and funny dolphins. and sharks of all shapes and sizes, you will be able to explore the reef bottoms and their corals sheltering all kinds of anemones and multicolored tropical fish.


Lovers of sport and leisure fishing find in Tahiti an unusual place to practice their passion, the rich and warm waters of the Pacific offer a multitude of species that cannot be caught by just anyone! You can fish for Mahi-mahi, tuna, swordfish, salmon of the gods and many other species with the tender and fragrant flesh of Polynesian waters.

Beautiful sunset landscape with a fishing rod

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