Discover the Monoï road of Tahiti


The island of Tahiti, a natural paradise

Tahiti, located in the heart of French Polynesia, is a highly sought after travel destination. This group of islands in the Pacific Ocean is famous for its white sand beaches and turquoise lagoons surrounded by coconut trees. The Monoï Road, which crosses the Windward Islands archipelago, offers a spectacular tourist itinerary.

What is Monoï?

Tahiti Monoï is a delicious-smelling oily product, recognized for its therapeutic properties. This oil is a source of pride for the people of Polynesia, who produce it from natural raw materials such as tiare flowers and coconut nuts.

What is the Monoï Route?

The Monoï Route is a major tourist itinerary that offers visitors the opportunity to discover the sacred oil of Tahiti. It includes 26 different stages, allowing travelers to discover Monoï in all its aspects, from its origin to its many uses.

Monoï is also closely linked to Tahitian customs and traditions. The Monoï Route thus allows you to immerse yourself in the culture of the archipelago. During the learning sessions, you will meet the greatest experts in oil production, allowing you to understand the mysteries of production while enjoying the magnificent landscapes of Tahiti. The Monoï Route is also perfect for sustainable tourism. The exceptional biodiversity of Tahiti is widely known.

In summary, the Monoï Route of Tahiti is an immersive journey into the natural, cultural and botanical world of the archipelago. You will discover the ingredients and production of Monoï, learn the customs and traditions of Tahiti, and explore the floral biodiversity of the island. You will also have the opportunity to visit historic sites and enjoy the view of the mountains and the bay of Ōpūnohu. All this makes the Monoï Route a unique experience for nature and discovery lovers.

Discover the botany of the Monoï route

Monoï is a traditionally manufactured oil, and the Monoï route offers 10 stops to discover the plants that make up the scented oil. On the archipelago, you will visit the natural sites where tiare flowers are grown and breathtaking coconut plantations.

During botanical workshops, you will identify thirty plants used in Polynesian oil making. You can also visit the island’s greenhouses and learn more about medicinal plants. You will also discover the art of floral decoration by following course modules.

The Monoï route in Tahiti also provides access to historical sites in the archipelago, such as Ōpūnohu Bay and the 1,207 meter high Mount Tohiea, which offers breathtaking views.

tiare tahiti

The production of Monoï on the island of Tahiti can be explored through the Monoï Route.

It features 10 stops to understand the process of producing this natural fragrant oil. You will see how coconut is transformed into oil using traditional Polynesian techniques, such as at Marae Arahurahu in Paea and at Robert Peretia in Papara.

Additionally, you will discover the industrial production of Monoï in the island’s laboratories and perfumeries. The Tipaerui valley, in the heart of the Polynesian capital, is another must-visit location. Visit the island’s soapery as well to discover another facet of Monoï production while enjoying the mountain view.

Relaxation and Well-Being on the Monoï Route and at the Bounty Lodge

The Monoï Route also offers moments of relaxation and well-being. You will be able to discover the different Monoï markets. The Papeete market is an essential meeting place, where you can discover the sale of traditional and industrial Monoï.

The Bounty Lodge offers a traditional Tahitian Taurumi massage with warm Monoï for an unforgettable experience of relaxation and well-being. Take advantage of these moments of relaxation near the sea to redefine the concept of relaxation. The Monoï Route in Tahiti is full of surprises and discoveries.

The Origins of Monoï

Monoï was born from the union between coconut oil and the Tiaré flower of Tahiti. This beauty and skincare product was already used by the Mā’ohi people. However, it wasn’t until 1940, when Tiki perfumery started selling oil made according to traditional rules, that Monoï received real recognition. Today, many companies offer Monoï in various forms such as sun oil, shampoo, or shower gel. Its moisturizing power and exotic fragrance make it a popular product worldwide.

Massage Tahitien 1h Massage pratiqué sur tout le corps au Monoï tiède. Il travaille la masse musculaire profonde. Massage décontractant et énergétique.

One-Hour Tahitian Massage

A full-body massage performed with warm Monoï oil. It works deeply on the muscle tissues. A relaxing and energizing massage.

Massage Rituel Tahitien ® Gommage aux exfoliants polynésiens au choix avec combinaison possible sur tout le corps - sable blanc de Bora Bora, sable noir de Tahiti, poudre et pulpe de noix de coco, poudre de vanille. Suivi du massage traditionnel tahitien au monoï tiède. Ce massage apporte une richesse sensorielle polynésienne, adoucit et donne de l'éclat à votre peau. Agit comme décontractant musculaire et apporte une détente du corps dans sa globalité.

Massage Tahitian Ritual® 2 hours 30

Exfoliation with Polynesian exfoliating agents of your choice with the option of covering the entire body – Bora Bora white sand, Tahitian black sand, coconut powder and pulp, vanilla powder. Followed by the traditional Tahitian massage with warm Monoï oil. This massage provides a Polynesian sensory richness, softens and gives a glow to your skin. Acts as a muscle relaxant and brings overall body relaxation.

The creation of the Monoï Route

The Monoï Institute created the Monoï Route to showcase the benefits and the secret manufacturing process of the sacred oil. This itinerary includes 22 exciting stops in the islands of Tahiti and Moorea, offering the chance to visit botanical workshops, watch a demonstration of traditional Monoï production and even get a massage with warm Monoï oil.

The Monoï Route offers a dive into Tahiti’s ancestral traditions while exploring the island’s magnificent landscapes, from fields of tiaré flowers to the lush mountains of Moorea. It is a unique opportunity to discover Polynesia in an authentic and unforgettable way.

The 22 stages of the Monoï Road

This is an excellent opportunity for travelers to immerse themselves in Polynesian culture, learn about the history and production of Monoï, and experience the products through different institutes and spas. The Monoï Road is a unique itinerary that offers an immersive and sensory experience, a true journey into the world of Monoï.

Although few travelers take the time to travel the entire Monoï Road, every trip to Tahiti should include at least 2 or 3 stops on the itinerary. The 22 stops are divided into three main themes: culture, production and use:

Culture through tiaré fields, botanical workshops, or the medicinal plant conservatory (stops 8, 9, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20) Production through the laboratory, perfumeries, oil mill, or soap factory (stops 2, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16) Use through markets, institutes and spas (stops 1, 3, 7, 21, 22)

4 bonus stages on Moorea

Since 2013, following the success of the Monoï Road in Tahiti, the Monoï Institute decided to establish 4 additional stops on the neighboring island of Tahiti, Moorea:

The professional agricultural school in Opunohu, where a workshop allows us to discover the different Monoï production processes. Tahiti Aromas, where you can visit one of the largest tiaré plantations in all of Polynesia. Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa, where travelers come to get massaged according to Polynesian traditions. Atitia Center, where we attend a demonstration of artisanal Monoï production in a botanical garden.


Map of the Monoï Road in Tahiti

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Located in Arue, near Papeete in a peaceful and private neighborhood, the property surrounded by lush greenery offers panoramic views of the ocean. Located just 5 minutes from the peripheral road and 5 km from the city center of Papeete.

The lodge offers a variety of on-site and nearby activities such as massages, Yoga, snorkeling, and excursions. Popular points of interest in the area include Pipine, Papawa and Te Rua Pua. The nearest international airport, Tahiti, is 12.1 km from the lodge.