Unmissable places in Tahiti

Take advantage of your stay in Polynesia to visit places not to be missed, especially on the island of Tahiti


Faarumai waterfalls The three waterfalls

Faarumai waterfalls

The three waterfalls

In Tahiti there are many waterfalls, the most popular and the most accessible are the three waterfalls of Faarumai, known as the Cascades de Faarumai or the 3 waterfalls. You can get there by taking the path that crosses the dense forest to the parking lot. From there, a 5 minute walk will take you to the first waterfall, Vaima Hutu. It’s a truly awe-inspiring sight, with crystal clear water tumbling down a steep rock face.

Venus Point and its lighthouse

Venus Point

... and its lighthouse

Its name was given to it following the landing of James Cook aboard the Endeavor in anticipation of the observation of the transit of Venus of 1769.

Pointe Vénus is located north of the island of Tahiti at PK 10 in the town of MAHINA. The point is part of a succession of spaces, which border the lagoon on almost the entire coast. It is connected to the large black sand beach of Matavai Bay, a popular and busy beach. On the sea side, Pointe Venus offers the particularity of being very close to the coral reef, so easily accessible by boat. In the plateau located to the north and east of the site, a canal has been built for the passage of certain boats.

The transit of Venus of 1769 is the second transit of the planet of the 18th century. Like the previous transit of 1761, it gave rise to numerous observations around the globe, in order to be able to measure with precision the value of the astronomical unit, the distance between the Earth and the Sun.

A picnic by the water will allow you to enjoy the place.

The blower hole

The blower hole

Arahoho « the howling cave »

Located on the border between the municipalities of Papenoo and Tiarei, is the Trou du souffleur, Anahoho “the howling cave”. The blowhole is located in a “marine geyser”. During a strong swell, the waves penetrate an underwater cavity thus creating a significant pressure which triggers the gushing of the water towards the outside. Equally impressive is the noise that accompanies this phenomenon.

A picnic-like point of view will allow you to enjoy the place.

The blower hole


The water gardens

On the mountain side, you will find a landscaped area dotted with flowers and tropical plants, crossed by alleys interspersed with culverts crossing streams. A beautiful small waterfall attracts attention and offers an idyllic setting on the green site. The water pools, fed by a chain of living water springs, are filled with lotuses and other aquatic plants.

Formerly reserved for religious rites of purification and rebirth of the souls of the deceased of the Teva clan, this magnificent natural site is an invitation to an enchanted walk, to go further, hiking trails allow you to gain height and discover the Polynesian forest from Tahiti.

On the sea side, picnic tables allow you to eat there during the lunch break.

Better known as the Mara'a Caves

Teanateatea Caves

Better known as the Mara'a Caves

In Pae’a, not very visible from the ring road, because embedded in lush vegetation, this site has three natural caves carved into the rock. Permanent infiltration of water has formed small inland lakes with clear, cool waters.

From the ceiling of each cave hang many mosses and ferns. The largest of the caves, Te-ana-pape-ō-Vai-pōiri, has the distinction of presenting an optical illusion. She looks a lot smaller than she actually is. The cave ceiling is arched in shape and gives the impression of going down towards its end. The other two caves, Mata-va’a and Vai-pātōtō, are lower.

Teahupoo One of the most beautiful waves in the world at PK 0


One of the most beautiful waves in the world at PK 0

Located at the end of the road at the Tahiti peninsula “Tahiti Iti”, Teahupo’o is a surf spot known worldwide for its beautiful and big reef waves. A surf competition is organized every year from mid-August. To approach the famous wave, you have to cross the bridge that spans the mouth of the river and walk along a path between the beach and houses. The site is also frequented by many families who like to bathe in the river and in the sea.

It is difficult to make an exhaustive list of sites to visit in Tahiti, many other places are to be discovered such as the Maroto, the Belvedere of the peninsula, the Taravau plateau, the Mara’e present all around the island, the botanical garden in Papeari, the Lavatubes …