Wellness treatments and activities at the Bounty Lodge

Take care of you. Treat yourself to moments of well-being.

Relax and rebalance your whole body.

The Bounty Lodge is the perfect place for relaxing and rejuvenating vacations. Our seasonal rentals offer a beautiful setting and peaceful environment to help you relax and recharge.

But what does that mean for you?

  • With the Bounty Lodge, you can escape the daily stress of life and immerse yourself in a stunning natural environment.
  • Our rentals are equipped with all the amenities for you to have a comfortable and peaceful stay.
  • We also offer on-site wellness activities such as yoga sessions, massages and spa treatments to help you relax even more.

By choosing the Bounty Lodge for your vacations, you can reconnect with nature and rejuvenate. It’s the ideal choice for people looking to disconnect and relax. Don’t miss the opportunity to treat yourself to a memorable stay at the Bounty Lodge!

Treat yourself to an à la carte wellness weekend at the Bounty Lodge

Outdoor Yoga sessions and in-room massages, it's the ideal choice for people looking to disconnect and relax.

Well-being massage: 1 to several massage sessions of your choice with or without exfoliation of the body in the white sand of Bora Bora

Enjoy the exceptional experience of the Tahitian Ritual Massage® in 2 parts

Wellness massages and Reiki sessions

Aurélia offers a variety of Reiki sessions and wellness massages. During your stay, you can benefit from a well-being massage in your room to allow you to relax and ease your physical and psychological tensions.

Through various services, Aurélia is inviting you to enjoy a moment of softness and relaxation.

We often have busy days and are constantly preoccupied. Being massaged means taking a special time for oneself, in the present moment, to take care of one’s body and mind at the same time.

Aurélia also offers a duo version of these massages to share a relaxing moment with your loved one!

Massage provides physical benefits and psychological benefits. Our body is one whole and everything is connected. If our physical state is deplorable, it is rare that our psychological state is at the top, and the reverse is just as true. If you have back pain, chances are you are in a gloomy mood. So let’s not skimp between physical and psychological virtues!

Yoga classes offered a la carte

Hatha-Vinyasa: a dynamic course, flexible according to your desires around a theme (opening of the hips, anchoring, heart chakra, etc.)

Slow Flow: a more sedate class, inspired by Yin Yoga with intuitive movement and reconnection to the breath.

Ashtanga: only for those who already practice this style of yoga.

Your Yoga classes given by Manon

Manon is a certified 200-hour Yoga teacher by Yoga Alliance With Himalayan Yoga Association.

Also a naturopath and masseuse, Manon offers you the possibility of arranging longer sessions with abdominal self-massage, and/or massage during relaxation (shoulder and foot massage during the relaxation posture)

Man doing yoga in the Bounty Lodge Resort

Yoga sessions in the middle of nature

Treat yourself to an à la carte wellness weekend at the Bounty Lodge


In the Villa or a Bungalow



1 yoga lesson of 1h15 in the morning



1 massage session of 1 hour in the afternoon

Make your own Wellness Weekend program