Rent a car for your trip in Tahiti and Moorea

The freedom to come and go wherever you want in Tahiti

To be free to travel during your stay in Tahiti and access your accommodation at the Bounty Lodge located in Arue, just 12 km from the international airport and 3 km from Papeete, we advise you to book a rental vehicle before your arrival at Tahiti Faa’a airport, in order to be able to pick it up as soon as you disembark from the plane.

This vehicle will allow you to visit our island and discover all its wonders, as well as to do your shopping in the shops around the Bounty Lodge.

Rental vehicle fleet in Tahiti
Tour of Tahiti and Moorea by rental car

Taxis and public transport in Tahiti

Public transport and taxis in Tahiti are expensive and poorly served, with your rental car you will have all the freedom to come and go wherever you want with good value for money. We suggest you to rent a car for ride freely around the islands!

Vehicle rental providers at Papeete

There are many car rental companies in Tahiti, even allowing you to take the ferry across to the island of Moorea to visit it.

You can do your research on the Internet and make your comparison to find the vehicle that suits you according to your needs and your budget, car rental companies in Tahiti offer all ranges of vehicles, 4x4s, vans, small and large city cars, breaks, utilities … To get to the Bounty lodge, a small city car is perfect if there are few of you.

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