Visit the Bounty Lodge Villa in Tahiti with "Bien Dans Son Fare" on TNTV

We head to the heights of the East Coast to visit Poe and Cédric’s lodge. Last year, we explored the bungalows with Poe, and this time, it’s Cédric who opens the doors to their latest creation.

In our segment, we have a small tutorial on achieving the “metallium” paint effect.

The Bounty Lodge Villa in the television show Bien dans son Fare broadcast on TNTV

In its June 11th issue, the television magazine “Bien Dans Son Fare” on TNTV has a edition in the company of Cédric, allowing you to visit the Villa du Bounty Lodge in Tahiti. Presented by Farerau, this renowned magazine in the field of decoration and makeover offers a wealth of practical advice, expert opinions, and inspiring ideas to enhance your living space.

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